When We First Met


When we first met, I thought to myself, “Is this real? He’s coming towards me. He’s here.

All my walls got broken. Your presence had blown me away. You’ve won my heart.

For that moment, I knew, I’m keeping you. I’m keeping you close. I’m keeping you tighter than ever.

For once, both my mind and my heart said, “Yes.”

There were no fights. I can’t even remember my mind asking questions nor my heart doubting and fearing. They just want the same thing at the same time.

They want you. All of you. Just you.

When we first met, I thought to myself, “I’m going to make him stay. I will never let go.”

I am determined to make you a constant. I have tasted and seen of how good life is with you and there’s no way I’m letting go. I’m never going back to where…

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