Do Not Fall In Love With An Artist


DISCLAIMER: All rights belong to juliannemarie.

Artists are probably one of the most mercurial types of people here on earth.
These people are those who wildly careen off of every emotion: sad today, falling in love later and angry at everyone tomorrow, artists are like their palettes; vibrant, full of color, yet easily ruined by one wrong stroke or a mismatch of words.

Artists have intense feelings, and this intensity can be seen in their works. Artists channel everything into their pieces, and you can be sure that once you catch an artist’s attention, you will find various imprints of yourself on their pieces, various versions of you tucked in hidden corners and spaces of their paper.

So when it comes to artists, their are two things that you should never, never do: Make them angry, and fall in love.

The wrath of an artist is a sight to behold, to say the least. They will blind you with explosions of colors and hues that resemble pomegranate stains when you eat them with your favorite shirt on. Their words will not cut you, for it will sear you. It will burn you and leave you with third-degree burns but it will never leave a trace on your skin, you will only feel it. You will feel the sharpness of the words “knife” and “hate” against your back, while the phrase “I should not have trusted you” caresses the thin layer of skin beneath your earlobes. They will paint you over with their anger and frustration and cover you with bright colors and snippets of hurtful sentences. They will use their art – one of the very few things that they know to be very truthful and scarring at the same time – and use it against you. Unleash the wrath of the artist, and you will enter the prettiest and most beautiful piece of hell you’ll ever see.

But if you were to ask me, making an artist angry is better, so much better, than falling in love with one.

Do not fall in love with artists, for they will turn you into a canvas.

They will paint over your scars with watercolors and drench you with hues that resemble the night sky and lazy afternoons in the middle of July. They will peel letters off your skin and create verses from your deepest, darkest secrets. Your dreams and hopes will be put inside their poetry and will be hidden within the smallest folds of their vellum. They will create ink from your tears and write calligraphy with it. They will paint over your eyes with their whimsies and far-off fancies. Your soul will be stained by oil paint and they will refuse to rub it off for you even when the thick buildup of paint hinders you from moving a muscle. They will create stories from every breath and every gesture you make that they find appealing. They will slather on words and letters and sentences on your skin created from your late-night conversations and will use your drunken thoughts as accents. They will color over your morning skies using colored pencils they bought from the flea market. They will pay attention to your every detail and then re-create them with fervor by decorating your wounds with words and colors and bright blue pastels.

And when they leave, you will become a masterpiece, bared for everyone to see.
You will become a canvas, and you cannot remove their paintings and prose no matter how many times you try and wash them off. Not even turpentine will work.

The paints and rainbows and paragraphs and lines they have embedded on your skin will never come off, because it is permanent.
Your vision will forever be blurred by the sunsets in their smiles and the phrases in their fingertips.

Your presence will always be overshadowed by the artworks and stories that they have created for you.
You will be injured with every single piece they make, down to the very last drop of color.

Never fall in love with artists, for they will leave you with more than a mark.

They will leave you with every thought that has crossed their mind, and you will be left with nothing at all because they have re-created you into something else, something much, much brighter and more vivid, but darker at the same time.

You will never be you once you fall in love with an artist, even more so after you do.
So don’t fall in love with an artist.


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