I Miss You

I miss you. I miss the way you laugh; the kind where you feel like choking, where every sad thing disappears and all that matters is you and that funny video. I miss the way you smile, genuinely and purely, like you’re telling people it’s going to be okay through that smile of yours. I […]

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When We First Met

Originally posted on j o e n a s a y s:
When we first met, I thought to myself, “Is this real? He’s coming towards me. He’s here.” All my walls got broken. Your presence had blown me away. You’ve won my heart. For that moment, I knew, I’m keeping you. I’m keeping you…

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you were like the ocean; quiet and tranquil, hypnotizing people with just a mere look from your eye, sending them into zones they have never imagined. you drown them in shades of blue, making them wonder what it is about you that lured them in so much. but then, you were the ocean. behind still […]

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