you were like the ocean; quiet and tranquil, hypnotizing people with just a mere look from your eye, sending them into zones they have never imagined. you drown them in shades of blue, making them wonder what it is about you that lured them in so much. but then, you were the ocean. behind still waters lie words that could break hearts, thoughts that mirror a sinking tragedy, and actions that bring shipwreck and chaos and pain and heartaches all at once. you were the ocean, vast and mysterious, but then again, i dont mind, because i was willing to drown — fcgm, an excerpt from a book ill probably never write 

Letters to No One | 001

It wasn’t supposed to end this way.

I can still remember everything like it was yesterday. The people, the cool afternoon breeze, the sound of the clock ticking, the noise from the students outside, everything.. You were on your usual happy self, but there was something different in your eyes, and in that moment.

I knew it.

I knew what was gonna happen.

I thought it was one of the silly puns you used to tell me when we were walking home from school, or those corny jokes your grandfather used to tell you about.

But it wasn’t.

And my goodness, how I wished it was.


Our story wasn’t perfect. It was from it, actually. It had ups, downs, happiness, and pain, but if there was something I was sure about, I’m glad it happened. Although there are times when I will randomly miss everything about you, I didn’t regret what we had. Because even in that short period of time, I became happy. And I hope you did, too.

Before I get my tears spilled up on my keyboard, I just want to leave you with this: meet new people, go to places, achieve your goals, reach for your dreams. I will always pray for the happiness you deserve nothing short of, A. And I hope that in your journey of finding happiness, you’ll encounter the why I did all these for you, the Source of real and pure joy




And eventually you’ll realize why it was supposed to end that way.