To My Future Someone | 01

To my future someone, hello. It’s currently 12 in the afternoon and here I am, doing what I do best. Writing letters. But this time, to you. I don’t know why I am, but I feel like saying things from my sixteen year old self. Funny, I know. Baka highly emotional lang mga sasabihin ko […]

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you were like the ocean; quiet and tranquil, hypnotizing people with just a mere look from your eye, sending them into zones they have never imagined. you drown them in shades of blue, making them wonder what it is about you that lured them in so much. but then, you were the ocean. behind still […]

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Letters to No One | 001

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. I can still remember everything like it was yesterday. The people, the cool afternoon breeze, the sound of the clock ticking, the noise from the students outside, everything.. You were on your usual happy self, but there was something different in your eyes, and in that moment. I […]

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